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Schedule An Appointment Today!

"Trauma is the past repeating itself in the present moment. 

Trust us to be the bridge to help you on your road to self discovery and healing. Dont be afraid to take the first step towards stress management and increasing your support network."

Cherese M. Alcorn,  MSW, LCSW 

       How Do I Schedule an Appointment Online?

Step 1: Click the schedule now button above and  select "I am a new client" or "I am an existing client


Step 2: Select the the service you want (for example, "New Patient Consultation -Virtual Appointment")

Step 3: Select  the virtual location. It will be a computer screen image (all mental health services are virtual at this time due to COVID-19 precautions).

*** Only clinicians with current availability will appear.

Step 4: Select the appointment date and time

Step 5:  Select client (for example, yourself or a dependent only; if the patient is 18 years or older they have to schedule their own appointment)


Step 6: Enter your information (credit card information is required to schedule an appointment)

All 15 minute consultations are free for patients who attend their scheduled consultation or reschedule 2 hours prior to their appointment time.


If you decide to no show or cancel to your consultation less than two hours before your appointment, you will be charged $15 plus a credit card convenience fee of $1. By scheduling a consultation you are agreeing to these terms. 

Step 7: Wait for a confirmation email to approve or deny your appointment request and for additional information to be sent to you via the patient portal if your appointment is accepted.

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