Is it time to begin your therapy journey?

Sometimes life can leave you feeling lost, alone, and without a sense of direction. Life can also leave you desperately yearning to be heard, understood, and accepted. Are you questioning and/or discovering your sexual or gender identity? Are you having difficulty accepting a diagnosis of a chronic illness? Are you attempting to break free from toxic relationships?


Therapy can help you navigate through all of your life circumstances, learn healthy coping skills, and increase your self-confidence. Taking the first step to seek out psychotherapy services can be daunting, but I urge you to let courage guide your footsteps forward. We will build a healthy and supportive non-judgmental relationship with you. 

 You don't have to suffer alone, help with symptoms of anxiety and depression is just a email away. Together we can turn past and current hurts into building blocks for revitalization.


Cherese M. Alcorn, MSW, LCSW and Associate Clinicians




We will provide exceptional in person and/or virtual psychotherapy services to individuals and families who struggle with chronic illness/pain, LGBTQIA related concerns, and PTSD symptoms. We will always remain committed to cultivating diversity in clinical staff and nurture staff while they continue to develop expertise as mental health professionals. 


 To reduce the anguish of psychological pain and prevent suicide as an option to end that pain. To heal individuals and families in efforts to reduce the effects of intergenerational trauma. To increase the number of clinical experts within communities of color that will work to reduce mental health stigma in marginalized communities.

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Let your healing journey begin...

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